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Are Squats and Deadlifts Safe?

Posted by Squash the Beef on 26 April, 2017

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They say that opinions are like… well the point is that everyone’s got one.


The health and fitness world seems to be one of those areas where everybody’s got something to say.


So when a beef popped up asking, “Are Squats and Deadlifts Safe?” we got some heated responses.


User Sal said, “I can’t believe this is a serious question […] Doing squats and deadlifts WRONG are dangerous. That’s why you should learn from a professional. Doing squats and deadlifts properly are probably the 2 most important movements you can do to help with everyday life activities and PREVENT injuries. This is not an argument. Case closed!”


User 007 agreed, saying, “Like any exercise, you need to do it correctly and you’ll be fine.”


In an article for menshealth.com, Mike Reinold, P.T., C.S.C.S says, “I love the exercise, I believe in the exercise […] but your body has to be able to get in the positions to use good form --- and then you actually have to use good form --- or else the deadlift can easily injure you.”


He also says that he’s never seen an inexperienced person walk into his gym and do an excellent rep, and that most people with fitness knowledge actually have plenty of room to improve.


This popular blog post addresses the claim that, “Deadlifts are one of the worst things you can do for your spine” and basically says the same thing.


So where does all the hate for heavy lifting come from?


Perhaps people without the necessary experience and training are afraid of the injury potential and avoid deadlifting and heavy squatting altogether?


So where do you stand on this deadlift discussion? Weigh in on this beef here.






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