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Olives: Love 'em or Hate 'em: They're a Polarizing Food

Posted by Squash the Beef on 21 March, 2017

do olives suck?.jpg

A fierce debate on olives (black and green alike) has been raging here on squash the beef.

User Vladimir kicked off the feud by asserting that, “Olives Suck! Really just a terrible food. Black or green. Yuck!”

Olive advocate Chad offered a rebuttal, saying, “No way man --- some black olives on nachos? --- or green ones in a martini. You crazy.”

User “ThatsSoFetch” (clearly a Mean Girls fan) pointed out that, “Martinis without olives would be sad martinis.”


sad martini.jpg

Pictured: a sad martini


Several users commented either for or against olives, while others questioned OP Vlad’s possible links to a certain blood-sucking mythical Transylvanian sect.

Did you know that olives picked straight from the tree are inedible and require a lengthy salt curing process --- or a seven-day lye treatment?

British food site GoodToKnow lists olives as one of its most hated foods in the country. But they do claim that “they really do grow on you after a while.”

So what do you think? Polling is still open so cast your vote today.



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