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The Office: British Original vs. American Remake Version

Posted by Squash the Beef on 24 April, 2017

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Which version of The Office do you like better?


Have you seen both? If not, you really should. The Office is so popular around the world that it's been syndicated in 80 countries. It also has distinct versions in France, Germany, Canada, and Chile.


So which version reigns supreme? The heated debate came up again recently so we thought we'd do a quick recap.


Let's look at some critiques of each version from around the web:


Notable critiques:

David Brent has almost no redeeming qualities. Meanwhile, Michael Scott is a childish yet still somewhat likeable character.

In the British version, the incessant mocking of Gareth comes off as mean-spirited and largely undeserved. Dwight, on the other hand, seems to earn every bit of ribbing that comes his way.

The British office features scenarios and behavior that could easily happen in a real world setting, while the American version often relies on wildly improbable premises and scenarios.




What do STB users think?

Users here on Squash the Beef currently favor the British version by a narrow margin (53% to 47%).






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